Friday 28 February 2014

National Executive: Building Our Campaign

At today's NUT National Executive, Christine Blower (General Secretary) and Kevin Courtney (Deputy General Secretary) reported on the progress in our campaign to Stand Up for Education.

Thursday 27 February 2014

Expert View

Far too much education policy is not based on research or evidence but instead on political fads. For example, the current drive to deregulate teaching with the introduction of unqualified teachers, pay with the removal of the national framework and schools with the development of 'free' schools and academies has no basis in evidence at all. Indeed, all the available evidence suggests these things are more likely to damage children's education than to improve it.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Oxfordshire Teachers Stand Up for Education

Today, we kicked off a series of meetings in Oxfordshire schools about the NUT Stand Up for Education campaign.  The first meeting went well, with strong support for the campaign.  Further details will be posted on our local blog here.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Music for Organising!

I feel like I've completed my quota of exercise for the day after dancing around for half an hour to Which Side Are You On? by Rebel Diaz whilst carrying both kids.  Maybe not everyone's idea of the perfect Saturday morning activity but the sheer joy on their faces shows the power of music to inspire.

Extending the School Day?

This half term has given me a real opportunity to reflect on what education is and what it could be.  Over the past three days, I have taken part in three very different activities with my daughters Rosa (3 years) and Clara (10 months).

Monday 17 February 2014

Learning from Each Other

Every day, we face more stories of Michael Gove's plans to 'reform' our education system.  Whether it is testing from age four, 10-hour school days, pay deregulation or the creation of unaccountable new schools with no responsibility to hire qualified teachers, things are certainly not improving.

Sunday 2 February 2014

More for NUT Reps

The National Executive on Thursday received a report of a new tool for NUT Representatives which allows them to view and update their school membership records.  NUT Reps can register scurely and access the service at

National Executive: National Strike Action this Term

Thursday's NUT National Executive meeting had a full and thorough discussion of our joint action campaign with the NASUWT to defend pay, pensions, jobs and working conditions.  This included looking at action so far, the ongoing threat from government and the position of the NASUWT towards further action in defence of teachers and education.  As I have said previously, we have to consider both the importance of a strong response to government attacks and working to maintain and extend our united campaign with NASUWT.  This formed the core of the National Executive's discussion and there was agreement from all members that the NUT must continue to defend its members and our schools and students by taking further action this term.  We sincerely hope that this action will be taken jointly with other teachers unions but are preparing ourselves to take action alone if necessary.