Thursday 27 February 2014

Expert View

Far too much education policy is not based on research or evidence but instead on political fads. For example, the current drive to deregulate teaching with the introduction of unqualified teachers, pay with the removal of the national framework and schools with the development of 'free' schools and academies has no basis in evidence at all. Indeed, all the available evidence suggests these things are more likely to damage children's education than to improve it.

So, the NUT has decided to challenge this absence of academic rigour. The national website now contains a new section called Expert View with papers written by academics on education. These include a new paper by Peter Mortimer, former Director of the Institute of Education.

We hope that, by publicising this research and making it accessible, we can counter some of this government's failure to look at the facts and take an evidence-based approach to education.

To access Expert View, simply click here.

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