Saturday 18 June 2016

Strike Day Planning

Just got back from a Regional Council meeting in East Sussex where we were discussing how we develop plans for our strike day, assuming a successful ballot result.

Some of the things we discussed in the meeting and informally afterwards included the balance between:
  • Local events vs national events
  • Briefing members for an ongoing campaign vs reaching out to parents and others
  • Marches and rallies vs educational and/or community events
Whatever we decide in terms of events for the day itself, it is essential that we can successfully combine our community outreach with ensuring all members feel they have a clear idea of the campaign ahead and feel ready to lead it. We also need to ensure that events are accessible but concentrated enough to have an impact and that we get the balance between speaking to the public directly and generating media interest which will raise the issues more widely.

If you are interested in planning events in your local area, please get in touch on / 07967392229.

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