Sunday 18 September 2016

Progress Towards Unity Continues

Last week, the NUT made further moves towards unity with the ATL, to create a new union for education professionals which would bring together the vast majority of teachers in the state and independent sectors, alongside lecturers and support staff.

On 8th September, the Executive had a two hour briefing on the post-transition Rules for the new union which are currently in draft form. On 9th September, as part of our Special Executive in advance of TUC Congress, we approved the final versions of the Instrument of Amalgamation and Transitional Rules (following changes from the Certification Officer), and the motion to go to the Special Conference on 5th November.
The final draft of the post-transition Rules will be approved at the National Executive on 5th/6th October and all of this material will be sent out to local Associations in advance of the Special Conference. There will also be a briefing and workshops at the Division Secretaries' Briefing on 19th-21st October.

The Special Conference on 5th November will be asked to approve the Instrument of Amalgamation, Transitional Rules and post-transition Rules and to authorise a ballot of the full membership to take place in the Spring Term. This ballot, if successful, will be the final step to approving the creation of a new Union.

We want to ensure that members, activists and Associations have as much opportunity to discuss this significant development as possible, both in the run up to the Special Conference and during the ballot period. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on

Similarly, if you would like to myself or another member of the Professional Unity Committee to come along to a local Association meeting (either now or during the ballot period) to discuss the details and answer any questions, please do get in touch.

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