Saturday 14 May 2016

So Much Support Out There!

Today was really uplifting in terms of showing me just how much support there is out there for our campaign. It has been a long week, starting with Sunday recording sessions for our own protest song - #ThisSchool:

The girls and I went down and really enjoyed the day, singing with others about something we passionately believe in.

That was followed by strike meetings every day after school in Slough (Monday), Milton Keynes (Tuesday), Wokingham/Reading (Wednesday), Didcot (Thursday) and Witney (Friday) so I really was on my last legs when I arrived this morning to set up the NUT stand at Levellers Day 2016.

However, the fantastic welcome by people from West Oxfordshire and further afield was really uplifting. Not to mention opportunity for Rosa and Clara (who came to every meeting with me Sunday to Friday - except Clara who skipped the last) to play in a wide open field!

It's really important to remind ourselves sometimes quite how much support their is our there for teachers and their unions. So here's some pictures that say it all:

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