Campaign Resources

This page hosts a collection of materials to support Officers, Reps and Activists in building our key campaigns.


Hounslow PU Presentation

Please find below the resources associated with the session I ran at Eastern Region Young Teachers' Conference on 24th April 2016. Click the link to download the resource or be taken to the relevant website.

Powerpoint presentation

A threat to education

You can download a leaflet for parents here.

A threat to our terms and conditions

You can download a leaflet for teachers here.

Can it really be that bad?

The report of the Centre for High Performance that recommends, based on a study of 160 existing academies, that academies seeking to improve should "exclude poor quality students, improve admissions and acquire a local primary school".

The report of the IPPR into the role of private education in schools, which includes the following conclusion in relation to for-profit education in Chile: "the commercial schools operated at lower cost, which they attribute to their ability to pay lower salaries and hire less-qualified teachers. They conclude that this may be why these schools are underperforming."

Report from Education International on the privatisation of education in Liberia.

The first chapter of this book, 'Global Education Reform: building resistance and solidarity', gives a short, very readable introduction to the Global Education Reform Movement.

The Banner Theatre production, 'Chicago: the great teachers' strike', is the best musical and theatrical introduction to the GERM. Find out if it's playing near you or get your association to book a performance.

Campaigning to defend education and balloting for action to protect terms & conditions

Email your MP, order leaflets and sign the petitions against the white paper here.

Find your nearest meeting here.

Please find below resources related to the NUT campaign for an independent review of primary assessment.



The Arguments

Take Action

  • A Visit to Our MP - this is almost a year old but a useful guide if you haven't done it before
  • Lobbying Your MP - from Oxfordshire (contact details out of date but advice not!)

This section has material for building the NUT ballot over terms & conditions and school funding:

General Campaign Resources

School Meetings

  • #ThisSchool - great for background as people come into school meetings

Communications with Members

(Please feel free to steal any text from the above - much of which was stolen from Alex Kenny. If you want a localised version of any of the above materials with your local association details on, drop me an email

Engaging Politicians

Social Media and Web Tools