Thursday 29 January 2015

National Executive: Campaigning on Education

The NUT National Executive has just approved a campaign plan for the next 97 days up to the General Election and discussed how we build on this following the election.

In speaking to the report, Deputy General Secretary Kevin Courtney said, "There are 97 days to the General Election and this is a real opportunity we must take.  The task for us has to be to involve members in doing things around these issues."

False 'Solutions' to Teacher Workload

Following the General Secretary's report to the Executive, a discussion developed on the danger of false 'solutions' to the issue of teacher workload.

Whilst Nicky Morgan has not yet released the outcome of the government's 'Workload Challenge' and discussions with Unions are continuing, recent comments made by the Secretary of State are deeply disturbing. Speaking at the BETT conference on education in technology Nicky Morgan made the following comments (full text here):

UKIP and Local Hustings

Christine Blower clarified the NUT's national position in relation to the involvement of UKIP in local hustings.  The Union nationally does not have a formal 'no platform' policy in relation to UKIP and has decided that it should be left to local Associations to decide whether or not UKIP should be invited to any hustings meetings organised.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Conference on Privatisation in Education Globally

Today's NUT International Solidarity Committee meeting agreed a proposal to hold a conference on the privatisation of education globally.  This will be an extension of the work the Union is already doing around the Global Education Reform Movement and its impact on our children's education.

New Union Resources on Palestine for Schools

The project the Union has been involved in alongside Edukid and the General Union of Palestinian Teachers is taking shape and a number of resources are currently being produced for schools to use in raising awareness of the situation of children in Palestine.

This will consist of five films which follow the life of Palestinian children, look at the impact of the blockade, interview Palestinian teenagers, look at a project on identity and explore the role of a community centre in a refugee camp.

Visit to Srebrenica

The Union is looking to support a visit to Srebrenica, put together by the organisation 'Remembering Srebrenica'.  The purpose of the visit would be Lessons from Srebrenica.  This delegation will initially be opened to International Solidarity Officers.

If you are interested in participating in the delegation of in taking on the role of International Solidarity Officer for your Association, please get in touch.