Sunday 22 June 2014

National Executive: Striking for Public Services on 10th July

The main debate at the NUT National Executive on Thursday was of course on the upcoming strike action.

Organising Making a Difference

Thursday's Organising and Membership Committee received a report from the Union's Organising Department on the growth of academies and 'free' schools  and the latest developments in the NUT's response.

NUT Membership Growing

Thursday's meeting of the NUT Organising and Membership Committee reported a very positive and welcome growth in NUT membership over the past few months.  This is great news for the Union, particularly in the context of continuous growth over recent years and 2013 being the 4th consecutive year in which our growth rate has outstripped that of our closest sister union.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Education & Equalities

The Education & Equalities Committee of the NUT met this afternoon.  It discussed:
  • The changes to the new SEN Code of Practice and the need to ensure that there is clear guidance to members on the implementation of these.  Also, attention was drawn to the reference in the Code of Practice to the importance of children with Special Educational Needs receiving high-quality support from fully-trained teachers.

Reforming Our National Executive Structure

The NUT Working Party on Executive Member Representation met this afternoon and considered the next steps in looking at the structure of the National Executive to take greater account of demographic change and the representation of women.

Developing our International Work

The NUT International Solidarity, Peace & Disarmament Committee met today.  The committee looked at progress on the recommendations from the Union delegation to Palestine (see here).  A report of the delegation has been produced which can be downloaded here.