Friday 10 January 2014

Global Education 'Reform': Resistance & Solidarity

At its meeting on 11th December, the International Sub-Committee of the NUT National Executive agreed to organise a joint conference with the Teacher Solidarity Research Collaborative on the theme of teacher resistance to the Global Education 'Reform' Movement.

This conference, which will take place on 24th May, will bring together researchers from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America to discuss the global attack on education and the resistance being mounted by teachers and communities.  It is open to all NUT members and will link together the work of academics and activists in building international solidarity in the face of a global attack.

The format of the conference will be mainly workshop-based to encourage active participation from all attendees and we hope it will be a springboard for launching further solidarity work and collaborative research around privatisation and resistance.

Registration for the conference, which will be free for NUT members, will be opening soon so watch this space...

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