Sunday 2 February 2014

More for NUT Reps

The National Executive on Thursday received a report of a new tool for NUT Representatives which allows them to view and update their school membership records.  NUT Reps can register scurely and access the service at

Using this tool, NUT Reps can add and remove members from their school membership list and can correct school contact and Representative details.  They can also see whether a member is up to date with their dues and whether post is being delivered to their home address.

This may not sound immediately like the most exciting development but it is a crucial first step in giving NUT Reps the tools they need to effectively organise in their schools or service.

The first step to organising at work is to map your workplace.  This means having an accurate picture of who your members are and what other support you have in your workplace.  Building on this information, NUT Reps can assess the strengths and weaknesses of their school group and plan how to build on the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses in the future.

It will also make it much easier for Reps to send us membership updates, meaning that the Union nationally will have a much more accurate picture of where our members are working and how best to engage them.

Using this new tool, we hope that all NUT Representatives will be able to check their membership lists, update where necessary, and begin to develop an organising plan for their workplace.

According to the TUC, an organised union "is rooted in the workplace... and creates opportunities for involvement and activism for all members" (Organising at Work, p5).  To do this, we need to be clear about who our members are and their level of involvement in the Union.  This tool is the first step in helping Reps to carry out this crucial work.

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