Thursday 11 December 2014

Supporting Members in Academies

Yesterday's meeting of the Negotiating with Academies Sub-Group considered how to support our members in academies most effectively.

The group is made up of all National Executive members with a responsibility for negotiating with an academy chain. However, the group discussed the fact that NUT activists at all levels are now representing members in academies, from Executive members, to local secretaries, to school Reps.

One of our key priorities is to produce materials and guidance for these activists so that we can begin to spread good practice and ensure that everyone negotiating with academies is fully supported. In turn, this means better support for NUT members working in academies.

With the huge growth in academies schools nationally this work is a clear priority for the Union. At the same time, as well as producing clear guidance for national, regional and local negotiators, the group agreed to adopt a strategic approach to several key issues such as pay and appraisal. On these issues, a combination of local and national resources can be used to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information and are taking the most effective approach on key issues nationally.

Ultimately, it is our members who will make the biggest difference to academy representation. Where they are willing to organise and act collectively, they will secure better terms and conditions. However, the better trained and supported their Reps are, the more support they will have to do this.

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