Thursday 16 July 2015

LGBT Conference & Equalities Update

The NUT Education & Equalities Committee today received a very positive report of the LGBT Teachers Conference from LGBT Executive member Annette Pryce. The event was a real success, although some delegates had been discouraged by the event being a full weekend. The committee received the decision from the conference to look at a Friday/Saturday event with an overnight on the Friday next year. It was also agreed to look at holding the conference in Manchester next year.  If these changes are successful, this may become a fixed future pattern for the event.

Annette also proposed that the Equalities Advisories look at their next meeting at the organisation of Equalities Conferences in 2017.

Roger King, Chair of the Equalities Sub-Group proposed that this group then draw up a strategic plan, based on the recommendations of the Advisory Committees.

The committee received an Equalities update, including an update on the Prevent Strategy where new information is being produced for local officers and a policy checklist for schools and colleges, an SEN project to produce a practical guide for schools and colleges on the SEN Code of Practice, and an update on the development of the Equalities Organising Strategy alongside the organising team.

Alex Kenny, Chair of Education & Equalities, drew attention in this report to the new dedicated space on the website to 'Celebrate NUT Women'. This will be used to celebrate women who, in the view of other members, deserve recognition for their work. Members are encouraged to send in nominations of no more than 30 words with the name and association of the nominating member and the nominee.

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