Sunday 1 November 2015

Executive This Week: Let me know your views

The NUT National Executive meets later this week, as do a number of standing committees and other committees (for an explanation of how these work click here). As National Executive member for District 18, I am keen to know what issues matter to you so I can raise them at the relevant committee or full Executive meeting.
On Wednesday, I will be attending:

  • International Solidarity Sub-Committee
  • Staff Pension Negotiating Committee
  • Communications Sub-Committee
  • Training and Professional Development Sub-Committee
On Thursday, I will be attending:
  • Organising & Membership Committee
  • Education & Equalities Committee
  • Professional Unity Committee
  • Full Executive
If you are interested in the agenda of any of these committees or have a specific point you wish to raise in relation to any of these areas of work, please drop me a line on

Remember, I am there as your elected representative.

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