Saturday 2 April 2016

Professional Unity - Seize the Moment

A key theme around the NUT Conference this year was professional unity and this is likely to be true of ATL Conference as well. Already, the press are picking up on moves towards unity between the two unions (see for example here and here).

As Chair of the Professional Unity Committee of the NUT, I wrote a number of articles on the subject for different publications which were distributed at NUT Conference this year. The text of these articles can be found on a separate blog here and sum up my thoughts on the subject.

The argument is simple. For too long, we have been divided and this division weakens teachers, weakens our unions and weakens our ability to stand up for our students.

By bringing education professionals together, we strengthen our movement for quality education and against the GERM.

As the trade union maxim goes, Unity is Strength!

It is the strength to fight this government and defeat its attempt to dismantle our education system.

It is the strength to speak with one voice on behalf of the entire education profession.

It is the strength to build the future our children deserve.

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