Friday 2 May 2014

National Executive: Focusing Our Energies on Professional Unity

Immediately following the close of NUT Annual Conference on Tuesday 22nd April, the National Executive held a special meeting to elect the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Standing Committees and several other positions.  I drove to Oxford on Monday night in order to teach my Y6 maths group but returned to Brighton in time for the vote. The results of these elections are shown below.

I also put a proposal to reform the Professional Unity Committee (helpfully moved in my absence as my train back was delayed).  Up to now, the Professional Unity Committee has been a rather large body which met infrequently, often for only half an hour, and it was difficult for it to carry out its business effectively.

The new committee will be composed of 10 Executive members, drawn equally from members of the Strategy and Finance Committee and the rest of the Executive.  It will be responsible for discussing the Union's aim of Professional Unity and also for the PU strategy of the Union.  I hope that the smaller size of the committee and its clear focus on the strategy for Professional Unity, will help it to play a more effective role in driving forward what is a key issue for the teaching profession.


Strategy & Finance Committee:
Jerry Glazier (Chair)
Hazel Danson & Dave Harvey (Vice-Chairs)

Education & Equalities Committee:
Alex Kenny (Chair)
Robin Head & Amanda Martin (Vice-Chairs)

Organising & Membership Committee:
Roger King (Chair)
Annette Pryce & Alan Rutter (Vice-Chairs)

Salaries, Superannuation, Employment Conditions & Rights Committee:
Heather McKenzie (Chair)
John Pemberthy & Nick Wigmore (Vice-Chairs)

Resource Management Committee:
Ian Grayson (Chair)
Linda Goodwin & Anne Lemon (Vice-Chairs)

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  1. In addition, the following people were elected to the:

    Strategy & Finance Committee - Jay Barry, Hazel Danson, Jerry Glazier, Dave Harvey, Patrick Murphy, Martin Powell-Davies

    Staff Superannuation Fund Management Committee - Simon Jones, John Pemberthy

    Unite Negotiating & Consulting Committee - Dominic Byrne, Gawain Little, Amanda Martin, Alan Rutter

    Stoke Rochford Board - Ian Grayson, Simon Jones, Ian Leaver, John Pemberthy