Thursday 29 January 2015

National Executive: Campaigning on Education

The NUT National Executive has just approved a campaign plan for the next 97 days up to the General Election and discussed how we build on this following the election.

In speaking to the report, Deputy General Secretary Kevin Courtney said, "There are 97 days to the General Election and this is a real opportunity we must take.  The task for us has to be to involve members in doing things around these issues."

He drew attention to the fact that a number of Labour MPs have been photographed with the NUT Manifesto.  Sadiq Khan MP, in response to contact from a constituent who is an NUT member, has declared his complete support for the NUT's 8-point plan on workload.

200 supply teachers have written to their MP and 45 MPs have now signed the EDM on Supply Teachers.  Young teachers are also participating in the lobbies of MPs which are taking place across the country.  Education Question Times continue to go well and Nicky Morgan MP has just agreed to participate in one in Loughborough.  Manifestos are being distributed at street stalls and in local communities across the country.

Sir Tim Brighouse and Michael Rosen will join Christine Blower for our Rally for Education on 10th February, which is projected to be a huge success.

The Union continues to meet with government to discuss the solutions to teacher workload and publication of a formal response is expected over the next few days.

An amendment to the report which called on the Union to plan up to two days of strike action in the spring term was heavily defeated (I voted an spoke against) and the executive agreed to unite around the campaign strategy.

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